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Cyber is an investigative adventure game with graphic interaction and textual narration, produced by Andrea Pignataro Productions.

“October 27th 2063, Camden City, New Jersey, USA
Your name is Jason Currial.
You are a private eye...you have become a detective after 16 years on duty as a policeman...but now the K-X300 have replaced you...
Nothing interesting have happened anymore...your last cases have been only a complete loss of time...

Until today...”

So it starts a long “cyberpunk” investigation that will lead Jason Currial in an overwhelming spiral of events...behind what it seemed the simple disappearing of his best (and only) friend, he will discover dangerous secrets for the entire humanity...or at least what it remains of it...
Many characters will cross Jason's way...some of them will be glad to help him...but others will pretend something in exchange...
In Cyber you cannot die or remain stuck for a long time...but this doesn't mean that you are not going to have troubles!
The strong point of this game is the story which involves the player as few other adventure games can do.
Also, thanks to its textual feature, Cyber is an OpenText game, which means that everybody can modify the texts of the game, simply editing the text files in the game folder (for more informations see the “Translations” section or the “Info” section).
Finally, a little advice: if you want to enjoy the game atmosphere, don't try to play Cyber as fast as you can...try to enjoy calmly the story, the settings and most of all the music.

Cyber is a game created and produced by Andrea Pignataro.